Navasota cataracts treatment

Navasota Cataracts Treatment

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Cataracts eye care in Navasota

The risks of cataracts are not especially dangerous in the sense that your eye function is not threatened and you will not go completely blind from it. However, that should not be taken as minimizing the importance of prompt diagnosis and our Navasota cataracts treatment. Here at Brilliant Eye Care, you can depend on that so you can maintain the highest possible degree of vision.

What exactly are cataracts? Deposits of protein develop on the outside of your natural eye lenses. Initially, you will probably not notice any changes and you are likely to unaware of the progression of the condition. However, blurry and cloudy vision will eventually become apparent as the protein deposits grow larger and increase in quantity. As part of a yearly visit for a comprehensive eye exam, our optometrist will screen you for cataracts. The most important part is a test called a slit lamp exam. If the diagnosis is positive, our Navasota cataracts treatment is simple and every effective. You will need a prescription for a special pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses that act to restore vision in spite of cataracts. For many people, this method works quite well for many years. Of course, you will probably need updates to the prescription periodically to account for the progression of the disease. If, however, you reach a stage where corrective eyewear is no longer effective enough, that is the time when you should consider surgery. Advancements in technology have led to the creation of implantable lens replacements that are called IOLs. Your natural lenses are removed and the new ones put in. Monofocal IOLs may require reading glasses for seeing well up close, while multifocal IOLs restore your vision at all distances.

The good news is that in the vast majority of cases, our Navasota cataracts treatment of eyeglasses or contacts is sufficient for early to middle stage cataracts. Reach out to our office to arrange an appointment.

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