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Dry eyes in Navasota

When your body is not producing the proper quantity of tears or sufficient quality of them, you will have dry eyes. It’s not a dangerous condition, but it can temporarily affect your vision and be uncomfortable and frustrating to deal with. At Brilliant Eye Care, we offer solutions for this problem.

The symptoms that are associated with dry eyes include burning or stinging of the eyes, sensitivity to light, eye redness, tired eyes, and blurry vision that is often more pronounced if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer monitor. Certain factors can make dry eyes worse. Among them are exposure to smoke and wind, extended wear contacts, and some medications such as diuretics, beta blockers, and antihistamines. As part of a comprehensive diagnostic process, our Navasota optometry office conducts an examination that may include specific tests to gauge the amount of tears your eyes are making and the quality of them. These tests are comfortable, and may be helpful in determining the cause as well as the severity of your dry eyes. In most instances, our Navasota optometry office will recommend a combination of artificial tear eye drops (regular or prescription strength) and some basic lifestyle adjustments, such as avoiding smoke (your own and second hand), and wearing sunglasses or eyeglasses when you go out on windy days. When possible, avoid air-conditioned rooms, and consider adding one or more humidifiers to your home so that the moisture in the air will be conducive to providing dry eye relief. If you have recurring bouts of the condition or the above treatments and changes do not provide the desired outcome, then you might be a candidate for surgery.

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